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The Independent Register of Medical Appraisers (IROMA)

IROMA is the only register of approved medical appraisers in the UK. All appraisers must meet strict registration standards, as defined by the NHS Quality Assurance of Medical Appraisers Framework 2014. IROMA seeks to support medical practitioners by ensuring that:

  • Appraisals are performed ethically in an unbiased manner and are of the highest quality.
  • Appraisers are quality-assured, experienced and have up to date appraisal skills.
  • Appraisers, revalidating doctors and designated bodies receive a streamlined appraisal and revalidation service.
  • Appraisers receive quality assured training and support.
  • Where possible we try to match the most suitable appraiser to appraisee.

IROMA for medical appraisers

IROMA depends on the dedicated service of medical appraisers, which is why we provide unparalleled services for our registered appraisers. Join us to receive a full range of benefits, including:

  • Professional registration that reassures designated bodies and practitioners that you have the skills necessary to perform your role as an appraiser.
  • The ability to offer your services in a structured, professional format, with support from experts in appraisal and revalidation administration.
  • We support you with ongoing appraisal refresher or re-training to ensure you remain up to date and compliant.
  • We provide software to help you manage your availability and appraisal appointments.
  • We will help you to complete the minimum number of appraisals per year to meet the current requirements.

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IROMA for medical practitioners

IROMA is an invaluable tool for medical practitioners seeking a medical appraiser and e-portfolio management service. Using our combined approach streamlines the service for you. Join today to access our growing database of approved medical appraisers. By joining IROMA you will receive:

  • High quality, unbiased appraisals.
  • Access to quality-assured, experienced appraisers.
  • A streamlined revalidation and appraisal service.
  • Reassurance that appraisers are always up to date with their appraisal skills.
  • The ability to source the most suitably qualified appraiser for your role or organisation.

IROMA will bring the entire process together; from booking the appraisal, to ensuring the results are uploaded to the e-portfolio.

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IROMA for designated bodies

IROMA is an invaluable tool for designated bodies, helping to save time and resources when managing the appraisal process. By using Fitness to Practise you will gain access to IROMA with the following benefits:

  • Our services give you the ability to save time and resource by managing the appraisal process.
  • We ensure appraisers are up to date and meet our stringent criteria before being added to our database.
  • Appraisers receive appraisal training and are quality assured on a regular basis.
  • We ensure appraisers work ethically.
  • We manage payment process and only release funds when the full appraisal has been completed and signed off.
  • We upload the appraisal outcome into the medical practitioner’s e-portfolio.
  • We offer ongoing appraisal training or refresher training.
  • We will endeavour to match appraisers by profession and location.

Please contact us for a tailored quote or to find out more call 020 3727 7295.

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