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Fitness 2 Practise: Appraisal preparation and revalidation support

At Fitness 2 Practise we appreciate appraisals and revalidation are a necessary yet time-consuming addition to your already busy schedule. At their best, appraisals can be a real opportunity to reflect on your practice and make improvements, but at their worst, they can feel like a complex exercise. We take responsibility for easing all of the bureaucratic burdens and to help you benefit from the many positives of the appraisal process.

F2P provides a comprehensive service offering appraisal preparation and revalidation support service for all licensed medical practitioners . We have extensive knowledge and understanding of the appraisal and revalidation requirements as defined by the General Medical Council (GMC).

As importantly, we know what it takes for a medical practitioner to fulfil the criteria for revalidation. The GMC has produced extensive guidance (GMC’s Good Medical Practice Framework), but we have found that practitioners are still left in a quandary as to what is expected from them. At F2P, we know what it takes for a medical practitioner to fulfil revalidation requirements, and we provide ongoing, on-call (6 days a week), personal support and assistance throughout your revalidation process.

The appraisal and revalidation process generates a mountain of documents. We use a cloud based e-portfolio system (which we can provide if you don’t have one) that manages these documents—gathering, organising and storing them so they will always be in order, up to date and easily accessible for appraisals and revalidation.

Recent research has shown that practitioners have been spending 30 to 50 hours per year preparing for their annual appraisal. We believe we can save our clients at least 50% of that time, while ensuring the standards and deadlines are met—all with a minimum of fuss.

At F2P, we are essentially your personal appraisal and revalidation assistant, offering a cost effective and time saving revalidation management service.

Appraisal preparation and revalidation management all in one place

Your e-portfolio is evidence of good practice and competency as defined by the GMC. Because this is used to determine your fitness to practise, it must meet all of the requirements of the GMC’s framework. By using our e-portfolio management service your documents will always be in order, up to date and easily accessible for appraisals and revalidation.

While most doctors will be assigned login details by their designated body, independent doctors may wish to purchase an e-portfolio system. If this is the case, we can do this on your behalf.

IROMA – access to quality assured appraisers

  • A database allowing you to source an appropriately trained appraiser.
  • Reassurance that your appraiser is quality assured, fully compliant and meets appraisal guidelines.
  • Appraisers who offer a fair, ethical services, with support from our dedicated team.
  • Our processes are transparent: after working with an appraiser, you can feedback on the quality of service you received.
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