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Fitness 2 Practise outsourcing for designated bodies and responsible officers

Are you a designated body or organisation responsible for appraisal and revalidation of doctors and nurses? Do you need to employ a responsible officer service through a third party? Is the management of revalidation causing logistical and costly issues? If so, Fitness 2 Practise has the solution…

Administration support for designated bodies and responsible officers

Fitness 2 Practise understands how the additional burden of revalidation can strain already stretched resources within a company. As a designated body your core responsibilities are to procure and quality-assure the responsible officer service and to report to your Governing Board, while covering the costs on behalf of your doctors.

F2P provides an outsourced administration and management of revalidation service to companies to support the appraisal and revalidation function. F2P supports responsible officers and designated bodies in reaching and attaining revalidation compliance commitments. Our services include:

  • Implementation and management of appraisal and revalidation service.
  • Administrative support.
  • Compliance Health Check.
  • FQA Annual and Quarterly return.
  • Revalidation reporting
  • Governance structure.
  • Appraiser facility
  • Responsible Officer if required.

IROMA and how it can help

In response to the growing demands of appraisal and revalidation, we recognised the need to develop IROMA. The innovative software provides professional registration to appraisers, ensuring they are quality assured, regularly assessed and receive appraisal re-training when required and appropriate.

In addition, the IROMA system provides the following monitoring services:

  • Regular feedback about appraiser performance.
  • Appraisers will be compliant with their professional standards.
  • Ensuring appraisers have no conflict of interest or appearance of bias.

Ensuring that your doctors get appropriate appraisal and revalidation advice to minimise the impact on their duties and maximise productiveness.

Medical practitioners and appraisers are taking longer than expected to prepare for and carry out appraisals

On average medical practitioners are spending 8 to 14 hours collecting data for appraisal, without factoring in the time-consuming inputting of information to an e-portfolio system. Furthermore, medical practitioners frequently add more information than is required.

As a result, this can slow down the review process for responsible officers. Consequently, the Department of Health’s cost-benefit analysis expects a year-on-year increase in the cost of responsible officers’ time, reaching 61 per cent by 2015–16.

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