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Fitness 2 Practise appraisers

Simple, fair and equitable appraisal… for all involved

Appraisals can be a time consuming and difficult role. Although ultimately rewarding, sparse training and support, unrealistic expectations and bureaucratic requirements often combine to make the role increasingly challenging.

At the same time, doctors and organisations, particularly those who work independently can struggle to engage with the appraisal process.

In some instances this can be because specialists prefer to be appraised by a peer within their specialism. There may also be personality clashes, perceived bias or conflicts of interest. Additionally, high costs can make the appraisal process expensive and restrictive for those with limited practice.

At Fitness to Practise we strive to ensure that both the appraiser and appraisee enter into an equitable relationship that minimises these problems.

How can Fitness 2 Practise help you?

We offer a fully integrated e-portfolio management system with an Independent Register of Medical Appraisers (IROMA). However, the commitment of dedicated medical appraisers is central to the success of IROMA and is why we provide unparalleled services for our registered appraisers.

Trained appraisers are invited to join the IROMA register free of charge. For further information on how to join the register please email revalidation@fitness2practise.co.uk.

Join us and gain access to our unique appraisal software, developed with your needs in mind, to streamline the appraisal process.

The Independent Register of Medical Appraisers (IROMA)

IROMA is the only register of approved Medical Appraisers in the UK. Although all registered appraisers must meet strict registration standards as defined by the Medical Appraisal Framework 2014 , in return we offer the following core services:

  • Entry onto the IROMA Register
  • An online profile with essential tools.
  • Software to manage your availability.
  • Appraisal training when required: we invest 25 per cent of your registration fee to support your ongoing appraisal training.
  • The ability to specify your appraisal specialism(s).
  • The ability to earn additional regular income from appraising.
  • Access to support and guidance.

The ability to reassure clients that you have a professional registration as an appraiser, ensuring your appraisals:

  • follow strict ethical guidelines
  • are unbiased
  • of the highest quality
  • and that you are quality-assured, experienced and have up-to-date appraisal skills.


Appraiser Training workshop

Fitness 2 Practise offers training workshops specifically for appraisers. These workshops will cover the knowledge and skills required to be an appraiser in light of the new revalidation requirements. Participants will gain practical skills and competencies in providing appraisals to their colleagues. Constructive feedback will be given throughout the workshop by trained facilitators to ensure that appraisers feel confident in this new role and that they can then complete a robust appraisal.

What will I gain from this Workshop?

  • An understanding of the new revalidation requirements and how they link into established appraisal processes.
  • The opportunity to discuss issues around appraisal with other health care professionals including nurses.
  • Novel ways of approaching the appraisal process.
  • Further development of your interpersonal skills which are required to successfully complete the appraisal process.
  • A review of the F2P Nursing Appraisal Guide (NAG).

It will provide a streamlined revalidation and appraisal service through our e-portfolio management services. The most suitable appraiser will be matched to the revalidating practitioner.

Date Venue Course
 13.07.2016 London Appraisal workshop
28.07.2016 Birmingham Appraisal Workshop
01.09.2016 Manchester Appraisal Workshop
14.09.2016 Milton Keynes Appraisal Workshop
20.09.2016 London Appraisal Workshop
06.10.2016 Birmingham Appraisal Workshop
 18.10.2016 London Appraisal Workshop
03.11.2016 Manchester Appraisal Workshop
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